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After New Year Sell Off Look for Signs of Strength

BuyingBreakOutscom Website

BuyingBreakOutscom Website,

James F. Taulman - For more than 8 years James had served as Editor-in-Chief an independently licensed website that offered stock reports and services... FULL BIO

After New Year Sell Off  Look for Signs of Strength

As we all know, it wasnt the day we wanted to have to start the new year.

Dow down-1.6%.

S&P down-1.5%.

Nasdaq down-2.1%.

So much for new year optimism.

Dow futures now off a-31.

Now is time to look for stocks showing strength or at least resilience.

Some of our stronger acting stocks from this report include:


Any questions or concerns, please email me at


TrendLine SetUps WatchList

UPDATE: Gigamon, Inc. (GIMO NYSE)

Fairlygood ranks and very good fundamentals.

A break above the downward trendline (blue line on the chart) with above average volume would have this stock triggering a technical buy signal.

That breakout wouldhave shares clearing resistance of the 50 and 200-day moving averages.


Our TrendLine BreakOuts From Our Set Ups

UPDATE: ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. (SERV NYSE)

Opened lower, closed higher although just by 10 cents.

Still, this is the type of resilient action you want to see.

Ranks remain solid. As continually noted No concerns with this selection.

Support is at the 50 DMA at$36.98 and the200 DMA at $35.52.

We also have support at an upward trendline as well. (lower blue line on chart)

Any declines from here, especially with an increase in volume would be the first concern.

UPDATE: Health Net, Inc. (HNT NYSE)

Broke out on 12/16and triggered a technical buy signal.

Even with Mondays broad selling continues holding onto recent gains.

Still, no real willing sellers showing up.

From here, any above average volume declines remainthe first concern.

In the event of a pull back, we can use the same trendline (blue line), which was resistance before the breakout as an area of support.

Questions ? Suggestions ?Simply reply to this email. Thank you.


About the Founder:

James F. Taulman For more than 8 years James had served as Editor-in-Chief an independently licensed website that offered stock reports and services based on the CAN SLIM investment system.

He has developed a knack for being able to quickly and accurately analyze high-ranked stocks based on this winning investment strategy.Over the years, Mr. Taulman has enjoyed assisting individuals from professional money managers to private investors with their needs in relation to implementing this investment approach on a daily basis in the current marketplace.

Each Sunday you could hear him deliver his weekly market report as part of the Your Money Matters radio program on ABC and CBS radio networks.

James now runs two websites and a portfolio service where he features select stocks which match up very favorably with the guidelines of the winning investing system.

At his long-standingSundayStockReport.comwebsite, he produces a weekly newsletter that includes hisHigh Ranked Leaders Watch List, and ongoing portfolio style coverage on breakouts from that concise list.

His newer site, is where he offers a stock watch list each market morning, emailed out as a Stock WatchList Morning Update. This report contains his hand selected stocks which looked the most poised to break out. There are also real-time BreakOuts Alerts! of stocks from that list which trade above his Trigger Price. These are sent via email to those whosign up for this free service.

Most recently James introduced James Taulmans Personal Portfolio Servicewhere he gives specific BUY, HOLD or SELL calls on suitable high-ranked market leaders. These selections have solid fundamentals along with bullish technical chart patterns. He also presents stocks for shorting and gives, SHORT and COVER alerts on those as well.

He designed this service to take only what he sees as the most sound stock selections from all of the services which he currently offers. This new service is basically how he uses the information which he has available to him, to trade a personal brokerageaccount.

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