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A Study of These BreakOuts

James Taulman

James Taulman,

For more than 8 years James had served as Editor-in-Chief an independently licensed website that offered stock reports and services based on the CAN S... FULL BIO

A Study of These BreakOuts

Market Too Questionable Learn How BreakOuts Can be Your Guide

As we all witnessed it was another tough week for investors as the market continued to exhibit bearish characteristics.

Yes, Friday was an up day but that sharp type of rally is very common in bear markets. There isnothing to get excited about as far as getting long in any growth names, just yet. Again, I follow a strict discipline, and Iwould need to see a Follow-Through Day for one, before I do any buying in my Personal Portfolio.

Remember, the market is going to do what the market is going to do. Do your best to stay in sync and simply respond to what is happening by having a set of rules to follow.

The only thing I study more than the market, are individual breakouts. In fact, I may even study them more or to say it better, put more emphasis on individual breakouts than what the Dow may be doing. As Ive said for years, regardless of whatever official status the market is themed at any given time by the newspaper, the behavior of current leaders will clearly tell you what you should be doing.

As far as gauging the market, or what one should be doing, based on individual breakouts, I simply monitor the action in my three stock watch lists. Here is what I amseeing from this perspective, and how it makes near-perfect, if not, perfect sense to me.

First off, I study my High-Ranked Leaders Watch List.Remember, each of these three watch lists are made up of certain setof stocks which as a group have similar characteristics.

The selections on this list match up very favorably with the proven guidelines. These stocks are of highly-ranked, financially sound companies and have properly formed technical bases. These selections hail from the current leading groups of the market. They are profitable businesses with either a new product or service, new management or are making new highs in share price as institutions and big money managers are accumulating shares. This means that they have the winning characteristics, plus bullish chart patterns such as a cup with handle, flat base, and double bottom base.

By studying these three lists which cover a slight variation of a popular and successful investing methodology, one could easily see how they could position themselves based on their particular enthusiasm (I'll call it) for investing or trading in the stock market...

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