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Is The SPX Top Finally In?

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Is The SPX Top Finally In?

Last Monday, October 10th, 2016, I issued a RED ALERT in regards to the U.S. Equity Markets.  This is the ultimate warning signal of an impending decline. I had issued an alert to purchase an Inverse Long ETF of the SPX, a long position on SDS.

Currently, there is bearish divergence on my momentum oscillators which continues to warn of long-term selling pressure on the SPX to test primary support at 2100.  Any breach of 2100 would warn of a test of primary support at 2000.


There are reasons why this cycle has worked, in the past, and will continue to work today and well into the future. The SPX is at that critical juncture in the market place where a major turning point is presently occurring.  It has clearly hit its resistance level! The VIX has dropped into familiar support levels. Clearly, there are flashing warning signals, RED ALERTS everywhere!  I have been prepared for this situation in which I am currently capitalizing upon it at the most opportune time.  

Hurst Cycles continue to move lower!

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With the current weakened state of earnings, the SPX remains range bound and is confined between critical levels of both support and resistance. SELL in OCTOBER is occurring TODAY! 

Trading in a range is mostly over.

Tom Fitzpatrick, Citibanks top Technical Analyst, has spotted a pattern in the stock market that he believes is worth monitoring extremely closely :(

As I have been discussing for the past couple of years, I remain BULLISH on metals! 


How To Follow The Smart Money, Today!

The commercials have been massively covering their short positions during the major shakeout within the gold and silver markets.  This means that there is plenty of upside potential in both the gold and silver markets.  The commercials continue to cover more of their shorts in the near-term.  They are recognized as the smart money. 

Todays Real Economic Landscape That the Government does not want to divulge:

Secret Citibank Memo: 

A private internal memo which was written by a top Citibank analyst reveals what the banks think about the current global financial situation. Their outlook is grim!

"The world is not going back to normal after the magnitude of what they have done. When the dust settles, this will either work, and the money they have pushed into the system will feed through into an inflation shock," wrote Tom Fitzpatrick, Citibank's Chief Technical Strategist. 

The long term accommodative money creation by the Fed and other Central Banks resorting to negative interest rate policies will exhibit one of two outcomes:  A resurgence of inflation or a continuation into "depression, civil disorder and possibly wars."  Regardless of either outcome, it will result in the price of gold skyrocketing to over $5,000 per ounce over the next three to five years! 

The Bottom Line:

These events have already been set into motion. When Mainstream Media eventually reports the facts, pandemonium will inevitably occur and have a negative impact on the public which will, in turn, create social/civil unrest. 

Summary :