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Do I Need To Post Alerts For Speculative Capital?


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Do I Need To Post Alerts For Speculative Capital?

When it comes to my publication, I want it to be as useful to you as possible.

The stock market is a spectacular thing. For every day of its operation, data sufficient to occupy a dedicated analyst for another 100 days is generated. Prices move up and down, transaction volumes change, news headlines, transaction speed, the various entities, dozens of currencies, jobs reports and on and on. The number of factors at play is practically limitless.

So during all of the hoop-la, here I am chugging away. Looking through the financial data. Sifting the world for a gem of a new long position, or scratching out the truth about the companys earnings position and and helping my readers avoid holding a company when theres bad news there on the horizon. I share my opinion along with the greater part of the information which weighed most heavily in the balance.

My Bankroll Doesnt Blow Up

When I think of financial markets I think of speculative capital and investment capital. Speculative capital is most often money you are expecting to experience the short-term capital gains tax with. Speculative Capital? Its Soros bet on the movement in the pound. Its made up of cigar-butt investing, bets on event, and workouts.

Investment capital from a stock market perspective is a bit different from most other investments. Typically, a man wants to watch his investments. Only total control over an investment is often going to be the difference between the investors favorable and unfavorable payoff. Well, in the stock market the ideal is to make an investment and to never have to look at it again. Wed like our stock market investment capital to be completely hands-off and require no attention while it multiplier our money.

Alerts vs No Alerts

Now, am I going to provide a greater service if I provide follow-up writings, giving an update on my opinion as to what speculative capital ought to do?

For example, back in November of 2015 I rated Entergy (NYSE:ETR) a Buy, at approximately $60 per share, and appropriate for long-term investors.

During 2016 I watched the stock rally over 20% before its recent return to the same price as it was back in last November when I first wrote about the opportunity.

I had information, and a deep conviction that speculative capital had a good opportunity to sell when ETR was trading in the $80's.

Are you, are my readers and Team Faloh Investment, better off if I write up my opinion at a time like ETRs rally, and address the opinion section to those working with speculative capital?

I provide useful information to you. Click or tap the following link to check out my recent article on IBMs block chain and how it may be positioned to create unusual returns for the company and its investors.

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