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Is it easy to get lead position?

Mohini Mohite

Mohini Mohite,


I am a girl.. Holding a higher executive position from the age 25 being Managing Director of a successful real estate business in London, UK. This is not the position I have acquired via references or recommendation but solely through my efforts and hard work residing in a different country..India..

It is general perception that you need to have higher education from top class university or top references to start career and to reach at successful position..But I will say NO..It just needs your sincerity and strong passion to strive for the best you deserve..No matters how much is your experience. We aren't endorsing to not gain much education but ofcourse I am encouraging to not to be limited edition..

Life always teaches us good lessons.. But you have to design your Master Plan to give right dimension  to your life and to work over your aspiration to gain success.. May be we aren't like Bill Gates in present but ofcourse no one can stop us to be a greatest version..

So Never Give up.. Success is waiting for you.....

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