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Patriotic Investment Strategy 101: Why and How to Invest in America

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Patriotic Investment Strategy 101: Why and How to Invest in America

The concept of investing in America is experiencing a resurgence, which some say is long overdue. Regardless of one's political position, patriotism is a value and an ideal seeing revitalization. One may argue how it can be expressed, but no one will dispute the principle that the average American chooses to support his or her country. That expression has found its way back into multiple aspects of American society as most everyone is eager to contribute; including economics.

The principle is easy to understand: support America by investing in its companies.  Buy the products that will make the United States prosper. Because prosperity means a better job market for you and your neighbor. If American products become more in demand, American consumers will be willing and able to buy more American-made products with their dollars. More U.S. products will contribute to a healthier bottom line, leading to greater job growth. And the cycle continues.

America Online cofounder Steve Case urges investors and consumers to include middle-class America in their patronage list. In his article for USA TODAY, Let's invest in Middle America, the advocate of entrepreneurship calls on his readers to look beyond the high-profile successes in New York and Silicon Valley and see the efforts of other Americans in other regions. Though not as glamorous and glitzy as the tech or media categories, these small businesses produce crops, manufacture steel pipe and roll out trucks to transport those same goods to states across America.

Many companies have made patriotism essential to their core values. Investors, shareholders and consumers tend to identify with American in the same way that our parents would associate the latter with baseball games, Mickey Mouse and apple pie.

Elon Musks companies would be the first on the list. Elon Musk is the visionary who promises to change the world and humanity. His goal is to send adventure-spirited tourists to the Moon and Mars. He has commanded tremendous respect throughout the country. The NewYork Times reports that Musk has inspired millions of Americans with his vision of reigniting manufacturing in the country. U.S.President Donald Trump asked him to be among his advisors in response to the cry of Musks admirers. Musks bragging rights: his companies produced 35,000 jobs in the past decade.

Investing in America may be becoming the same as being a shareholder in groundbreaking companies: Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), manufacturer of electric-driven vehicles; SolarCity, which hopes to do to solar power what the gas giants did to oil; and SpaceX, the pioneering rocket firm that wants to add the nearest planets to the destinations promoted by the travel and tourism industry.

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has always been a pillar in the manufacture of vehicles, equipment and weapons systems that protect national interests. Its carriers and guided missile destroyers have made the worlds sea lanes and the clear skies safe from attack. The firm will always be associated with national security. But what got peoples attention a few years ago was the extent to which Lockheed Martin would go to preserve national interests.

As reported by The Motley Fool, the company gave up a chance to win a $1.6-billion contract and stepped back from a bidding war, giving its competitors the opportunity. The intense high-stakes game was threatening to delay the building of necessary infrastructure and fracture the Navy from within. Lockheed Martin issued a press release saying it was no longer competing in order to serve the best interests of the fleet. The actual price that Lockheed Martin paid showed that the statement went beyond mere motherhood declarations. 

Another company that patriotic investors would feel good investing in is the aptly named Patriot One Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: PTOTF, TSX.V: PATFRA: OPL), which has devised a cutting-edge cognitive radar technology that can detect a hidden weapon, alert authorities and potentially save lives. This device, the NForce CMR1000, can be installed unobtrusively in a private or public place, such as the ceiling of a bus station or the wall of a school. It can sense, detect and locate concealed weapons and other dangerous items that might have been tucked carefully within layers of clothes or carried in baggage. It can identify these same items on moving targets without requiring them to go through a physical screening process like a metal detector.

Patriot One Technologies is driven by a vision to make the nation safe from potential terrorists. Law enforcement could look to its accuracy and the arrests of guilty parties before its too late. Parents can walk the streets in confidence that they and their children are safeguarded from any outbreak of violence.

Patriotism is to believe and support a society where its people are free, happy and ultimately feel safe. A patriotic investment means becoming a shareholder in the activities, production and sectors that boost American industry, supporting its future economy and contributing to building communities within the country.

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